Achieving Complete Airspace Security Amid Loosening Drone Usage Regulations and Emerging Threats

Wednesday, September 29 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Location: Offensive Strategies: Preparing for an Attack Theater

Event Information

Title: Achieving Complete Airspace Security Amid Loosening Drone Usage Regulations and Emerging Threats


COVID-19 shutdowns accelerated use-cases for drones, and with more drones in the skies, come more vulnerabilities. Today, many government departments and agencies are actively addressing how drones are an immediate help to society while also protecting from the potential threat to safety.  Regulations are aimed at enhancing drone usage and innovation, but with more drones in the air, there is more risk to people, property, and information. This presentation will discuss the latest in the evolving threat of unauthorized drones, new regulations, and practical steps on how to start, build, and scale a complete airspace security program. Security officers must continually advance their airspace situational awareness to protect business continuity and prevent harm. 

Type: All Access Education

Target Audience Experience Level: Mid-Career

Industry Application: Industry Agnostic

Globally Focused Session: Globally Applicable

Learning Objective #1: Understand the latest regulations on drone integration into the national airspace, including Operations Over People (OOP), night operations, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), remote ID, unmanned traffic management systems and more.

Learning Objective #2: Identify the types of airspace security technology needed to build an initial risk assessment and how to apply data to scale an airspace security program that meets an organization's individual threat profile, budget, and security goals.

Learning Objective #3: Apply practical experience from early adopters of airspace security technology across different sectors to develop strategic response protocols in the event of a drone incursion.