Confessions of a CIA Spy: The Art of Human Hacking

Tuesday, September 28 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Location: Defensive Strategies: Surviving the Unexpected Theater

Event Information

Title: Confessions of a CIA Spy: The Art of Human Hacking


During this session, a former CIA intelligence officer who spent over two decades breaching the security of target organizations overseas will share methodologies utilized by today's threat actors to circumvent the technological controls, policies and procedures put in place to safeguard organizations and their data. The presentation will begin with the criteria for the selection and analysis of a target entity.  Insider targets are then identified and assessed through the use of social media platforms. Following assessment, a variety of social engineering techniques are introduced and demonstrated.   Recommendations for minimizing the likelihood of becoming a target are discussed as well as what tools need to be provided in the workplace to empower employees and contractors to effectively shut down and appropriately report social engineering attempts.

Type: All Access Education

Target Audience Experience Level: Mid-Career

Industry Application: Industry Agnostic

Globally Focused Session: Globally Applicable

Learning Objective #1: Recognize what information publicly disseminated by the organization or its employees can significantly increase vulnerability to attacks.

Learning Objective #2: Appreciate how personal information revealed on social media platforms can be used to assess motivations and vulnerabilities leveraged by social engineers in target manipulation

Learning Objective #3: Identify and describe four communication channels which can effectively be utilized by human hackers in advanced social engineering approaches